What is the injection molding forming principle?

The dried plastic particles enter the barrel of the molding machine through the hopper of the molding machine, and the plastic particles become molten under the joint action of the heating plate heating and the shear heat generated by the screw rotation, the molten plastic gathers at the head of the molding machine, and the metering screw stops Rotate, change to forward translation, extrude the plastic melt, the plastic enters the mold pouring system, and then flows to the mold forming cavity, through the heat conduction of the mold itself and the cooling system added to the mold to make the plastic cool and solidify, after the cooling is complete, open the mold, The ejection system of the molding machine ejects the product, and at the same time, the screw of the molding machine retreats to start the next plastic melting measurement.

injection mold principle
Seven systems of injection molding: pouring system, guiding system, molding system, core pulling system, ejection system, cooling system, and exhaust system.
Gating system: main channel, runner, gate, cold slug well. As above page 1 2.
Guide system: guide post, guide sleeve, positioning block, etc. Molding system: mold core, inserts, etc. As in the previous page 3 4. Core pulling system: slider, oblique pin, etc.
Ejection system: ejector pin, ejector block, etc. As on page 5 6. Cooling system: heat dissipation of the mold itself, water cooling. As above page 6 / 7
Exhaust system: the matching clearance of each insert of the mold, the matching clearance of the thimble, and the additional exhaust groove.

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Injection molding of other auxiliary systems

Transport plate: a small plate that connects the male and female molds during the transportation and hoisting of the mold, so that the male and female molds will not be separated.

Nameplate: Identify mold ownership, mold forming parts, mold manufacturing time, mold factory information, etc.

Hanging mold hole: When setting up the mold, lifting equipment is required to lift the mold, and the screw hole is processed on the formwork for this purpose. Each formwork must have hanger holes.

Die prying pit: Generally, the gaps at the four corners of the formwork are mainly for the convenience of disassembly and assembly of the mold, especially the male formwork must have because when the mold comes down from the forming machine, the cavity pressure will be less than the external atmospheric pressure, plus plastic To bond, the mold must be pried apart.

Micro switch: After confirming the mold opening, the ejector plate returns to the confirmation switch. It can also be used in hydraulic cylinder travel switches.

Dust shield: The movement of the ejector plate requires a certain space. This part is open on the mold, and it is easy to fall into other things, such as wrenches, material heads, etc., and the processing mold is stuck. At this time, a plate is installed on the upper surface of the mold to cover it, which is the dust shield.

Counter: Displays how many times the mold has been opened and closed.

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