What are the common defects of plastic parts?

  1. Shrinkage, A common defect in plastic parts. Plastic parts have dents on the surface due to shrinkage. Sometimes you will see shallow pits on the surface of plastic parts, which is caused by the shrinkage of plastic parts.
plastic part with shrinkage isseu
plastic part with shrinkage issue

2. Air marks, this is also a relatively common defect in plastic parts. The air marks on the surface of plastic parts are slightly different from the surrounding color texture, which can be distinguished with the naked eye.

air marks
air marks

3. Lack of material, the lack of material in plastic parts is generally caused by insufficient glue during injection molding, which is manifested by incomplete corners of plastic parts.

lack of material
lack of material

4. The burrs of plastic parts. This is also a common defect. The burrs of plastic parts are generally small, and some low-end plastic products often have burrs.


5. Clamping line, this kind of defect can also be seen in some low-end injection molding products, and generally affects the appearance and does not affect the use.

clamping line
clamping line

In addition to the above common points, there are also black spots, deformation, color leakage, scratches, burnt, dragging, top height, material flowers, oil stains, bruises, cuts, bubbles, color difference, front wires, stress Marks, bluing at the glue inlet, excess glue, viscose, etc…

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