Quality Control

Mold Manufacturing Quality Control Process

Quality control is important in the entire supply chain of our company, so if you choose us as your mold supplier, the mold you demand will through a strict plastic molding quality control to ensure the quality it has.

  • Part Design Checking
  • Part Design Improvement 
  • Mold Design Control
  • Customer Confirmation
  • Mold Steel Hardness Inspection
  • Mold Electrodes Inspection
  • Mold Core and Cavity Steel Dimension Inspection
  • Mold Pre-Assembly Inspection
  • Mold Trial Report and Samples Inspection
  • Pre-Shipment Final Inspection
  • Export Product Package Inspection

Injection Plastic Molding Quality Control Processes

With regards to plastic injection molding, quality confirmation is vital. Each molded plastic part ought to under the plastic molding quality control carefully. Ambition Mold performs quality control frameworks all through the whole assembling measure and is focused on in extraordinary detail. Our plastic injection molding quality control is coordinated into all cycles that ensure the eventual outcome you get is worked to your details. Our advanced plastic injection molding machines are arranged to your project’s specifications and checked to amplify quality and proficiency. The outcome is a cycle that is solid and repeatable. 

Visual Inspection

Parts are initially inspected directly out of molding machine. Quality Assurance technicians are trained to identify and rectify the following defects:

  • Sink marks
  • Short shots
  • Burn marks
  • Flash marks

FAI – First Article Inspection

A First Article Inspection (FAI) establishes accountability that your products have been manufactured to your specifications. Every critical design characteristic called out on the part drawing is verified and recorded. We perform FAIs for all new part orders, and we can also provide FAI data after any process change when required.

PPAP: Production Part Approval Process

Our production part approval process allows our clients of all industries to have confidence in our production processes. It’s here that actual measurements are taken of the parts produced and are used to complete various testing during the PPAP. This plastic molding quality control is to ensure that our design and production process meet’s our clients’ requirements.

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If you have some customized plastic products to make, please send us the 3D drawing or samples to us, we will try to quote you within 24 hours.
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