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Plastic Injection Molding China

We specialize in manufacturing different kinds of plastic parts for a wide range of applications as well for specific industries including automotive, medical, cosmetic electronic equipment and household products. We have a deep insight and experience in injection, which makes our ability to help clients bring their innovative ideas into reality. Our Company has a amount of injection machines to test and produce. The experienced engineers and production staffs also to ensure timely delivery of our high quality products.

Does your business searching for a supplier of high quality injection molds or custom plastic parts molding? Ambition Industrial is the best choice for you. If you purchase from us, we offer many additional services, all of which can’t be easily provided by other mold making suppliers?


Injection Molding Process Capabilities:

  • Presses range in size from 50 to 1000 tons
  • Environmentally controlled molding facility with 24 hour operation
  • Shot sizes up to 76 ounces of plastic
  • Mold design /build is in same facility for best customer service of part and tool changes
  • Cavity from one to 96 cavities per mold
  • Process hot /insulated runner, stack, unscrewing, insert, and cam /hydraulic core pull molds

Injection Molding Raw Material:

  • Commercial grades of polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, polystyrene, and ABS
  • Engineering resins including polycarbonate, polyester, urethane, PVC, acrylic, acetal, PPO, PBT, and TPR
  • Glass, mineral, foam and Teflon filled materials and Teflon filled materials
  • High temperature (oil-cooled) molding resins
  • Protein and starch based thermoplastic resins
  • All colors are available

Value Added Secondary Operations:

  • Hot stamping, painting, pad printing and silk screening
  • Sonic welding and adhesive bonding
  • Drilling, tapping and secondary CNC machining
  • Assembly of molded /stamped parts to a finished product
  • Special packaging for commercial or retail