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With rich experience of many kinds of mold construction and mechanism, Ambition Industrial is able to construct a wide variety of molds and components that will work efficiently, effectively and accurately, while at the same time keeping the customer’s cost as low as possible. Minimum material waste, reduction or elimination of scrap, low maintenance, and long mold life are the standards in a well built mold.

We are familiar with hot runner systems such as MOULD MASTER, Master TIP, HUSKY, HASCO, DME, YUDO, INCOE, THERMOPLAY, Synventive etc. With hot runner system you can eliminate sprues and runners, decrease cycle time per part, improve consistency in the part, and allow for better control of the overall molding process.

We have the ability of making Automatic Unscrewing Molds which are used for molding parts which contain internal threads. Tight tolerances in the internal gearing are critical to ensure proper core extraction speed for accurate and reliable threading.

Ambition Industrial prides itself on its high-end, high quality, long life hard molds with high precision. We can produce molds that can produce plastic parts within a tolerance of +/- .0004 inch.

Procedure for mold design:

  • DFM: review of part design for manufacturing ability
  • 2D Tool design
  • 3D Tool design
  • MoldFlow Analysis
  • Experienced with design of die casting, injection, gas-injection and 2K injection molds

Basically mold flow steps:

  • General information, type of plastic, melt temperature, MFR, setting clamping force etc.
  • Gate analysis, filling analysis etc.
  • Air trap analysis, cooling status analysis, hot spot, sink marks,deformation analysis etc.
mold design & manufacturing China
Mold design & fabrication
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mold design in China

Plastic mold manufacturing capability:

  • Quantity: 30 moulds/month
  • Minimum tolerance: 0.005mm

Steel for plastic mold manufacturing :

  • ASSAB of Sweden: 718/738/S136/8407
  • Thssen of Germany: GS-738/GS-711
  • DAIDO of Japan: P20/420/NAK80

Mould base and components standard for plastic mold manufacturing :

  • LKM
  • DME

Hot runner for plastic mold manufacturing:

  • YUDO
  • MOULD MASTER—Rich experience
  • Synventive—Rich experience
  • INCOE—Rich experience
  • DME
Plastic injection mold manufacturing factory China
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