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How to buy the right mold from China mold maker?

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As we know, there are lots of mold manufacturers in China, but it is not easy to buy the right mold from a Chinese mold maker.

Today, I am sharing some suggestions for foreign customers to find a suitable mold maker from China. There are two different kinds of molds. One kind is export mold, the other is China production mold.

Export Molds

If your molds are for automotive parts or high-quality medical or cosmetic parts, I suggest finding some medium or large mold-making company, even they quoted the high price. Because they always have high-precision processing machines and high-quality control systems.

Medium and large mold-making companies always have rich experience in making these kinds of molds. They always can find the problem with your original design and can provide the solution for that.

If your molds are for household plastic parts or some electronic parts, it is no problem to choose some small or start-up mold manufacturing suppliers. But I suggest running a small production before mold export.

Before mold manufacturing, the buyers should double-check the mold design and tell the supplier all the requirements.

Chinese Production Molds

Actually, it is really difficult to find the right mold maker for this kind of mold. A lot of buyers always pay more attention to the mold cost and ignore the mold quality. But I have two tips for your reference as below:

  • Ask for similar parts they made before if they can provide some information to check, that is not a problem to choose them as a supplier.
  • Ask for some reference customers, it is better to provide some customers in your country, and you can call their customers to check supplier’s quality & service.

I really hope these suggestions or tips can help the buyers to find the right china mold maker and succeed in their business.

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