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Injection molding companies China

Founded in 2010. We are dedicated to providing our customer with the highest level plastic injection mold manufacturing, Precision CNC machining & plastic injection molding services.

We cover an area of 2,000 square meters, has 56 employees and some advanced types of equipment. After years of development, we have serviced lots of customers in different fields, We also have rich experience in copying others products, we can promise similarity more than 98%.

We always insist on the concept of customer satisfaction and qualities. We have set some example customers in different countries for new customer referrals. We really hope that we can build the long-term business relationship with win-win cooperation with you.

Our advantage

Our salesman has very fluent English speaking, easy to talk about the business.

Our salesman has the engineering background, can reply to your question at the first time.

Ver competitive price with high-quality products & service.

More than 10 years business in mould manufacturing and plastic injection moulding filed, reliable supplier and safe to cooperation.

Our crazy skills

Product design 92
Mold manufacturing 95
Sample copy 98
Customer satisfication 95

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